The Amazing ‘Soup Sisters’

Sharon Hapton founded “Soup Sisters” in Calgary in 2009. She felt that soups  make a person feel warm inside, especially on cold nights, and she likened that to making a person in a ‘cold’ situation feel warm as well. She then took that idea one step further by creating homemade soups to nurture and nourish women, children, and youth in crisis. “Soup Sisters” is a non-profit charitable social enterprise, which is dedicated to providing women, children, and youth with a sense of warmth and welcoming while in crisis centers and shelters. Anyone in a community that has a “Soup Sister” chapter can join in the making of the soups. New chapters are continually being established in cities across Canada. This program provides hundreds of litres of soup to women and children in women’s shelters, and to youth in crisis programs. The “Soup Sisters” program is found across Canada and is now also located in one American State. It is a year-round program, where each participant pays a small fee of $50.00-$55.00 for registration: they, in turn, join in the soup making at a local professional kitchen and are taught soup making skills from a chef. Around 150-200 servings of homemade soup are made during these events, and are then driven to local shelters around town. This is a non-profit organization. The mandatory registration fee is used to cover the cost of fresh ingredients for all these homemade, nutritious soups. “Soup Sisters” has recently published a recipe book with recipes for a variety of different soups that they make, as a way of raising further funds for their cause. At Christmas this year our family received this cookbook as a gift and this where I first learned about soup sisters.

Seeing others giving back and helping people in need in the community through this program, inspires me to look for ways in which I can contribute to society as well. Soup Sisters helps less fortunate people become nourished, and shows them that others care about them. It provides them comfort food in a time of need. This program makes me think of all the possible ways I can in turn give back, such as helping out in local shelters in my community.

soupsisters file photo from Calgary_event courtesy of Soup Sisters logo-soup-sisters2

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  1. Seeing people start up an organization from a dream they have is empowering. With her giving to those in need, it’s prime that see allows anyone who wants to help make a difference, also participate. By giving people this option, she not only inspires others by what she does, but also inspires people to take action for the cause. By not only giving them nutrition, she also nourishes their well being, by helping to restore their mood or state of mind. Reading about people like this helps to restore all the negativity we hear and read about. If a bowl of soup can make a difference in someone’s life, its motivating to think of how else we can help those in need.


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