Learning Styles

After taking the three personality/learning style quizzes I found out many new things about my learning style. I have discovered that I’m a Concrete Sequential Learner, a Kinesthetic Learner, and an ISFP learner (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving).

The description of Concrete Sequential Learner describes me fairly accurately. I prefer for there to be “order and quiet guided practice and know the accepted way of doing something”. I struggle a lot with making decisions and I also struggle with open-ended assignments and “what if” questions. I have seen this in my day to day life, such as when I’m with my friends. I often say “I don’t know” because I’m not good with my decision making. It drives them crazy. In school, I am often having a hard time deciding between 2 answers on multiple choice tests. I can’t decide between them, and I hate to choose in case I choose the wrong answer.

I agree with being Kinesthetic in that I like to get a feel for things and try it myself rather than reading a book or manual on how to do something. I learn better by seeing something done and by trying it myself rather than reading a book or manual on how to do something. I learn better by seeing something done and by trying it myself. That’s why I love “Youtube” so much for tutorials on how to do a variety of things.  In school, I find it easier to learn by having the teacher demonstrate how to do something, rather than just explaining how to do it.  With my friends, if we are doing something new, I always like to let them ‘go first’.

I also agree with being an ISFP as my learning type in that it completely describes me. For Example: “seek harmony, validation, and affection in their relationships with others, very sensitive and easily hurt by harshness, drawn towards creatures who will love them back unconditionally (animals and small children)”. This describes me perfectly! I am this way with my friends and definitely at school. I take it it personally if people in school say things to me that I feel are mean, and I don’t get over it very easily.  I don’t like it when my friends ge angry with me or each other.  I would rather ‘let things go’ in order to keep the peace.

I am surprised that these tests actually described my learning and behaviour style.


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